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    Thanks! I followed the guide on a fresh install of Debian Squeeze and it didn’t work. I had to install other dependencies, but I’m not sure which were the ones required. If you have any idea, please include them in the guide!

  2. Great stuff that worked on the first try. I did notice 2 typos:
    apt-get install build-esential –> apt-get install build-essential

    mkidr /mnt/exfat –> mkdir /mnt/exfat

    Thanks again,
    – W

  3. Arka Manna

    debian:/#apt-get install build-esential libfuse-dev
    debian:/#apt-get install scons
    debian:/#sudo apt-get install checkinstall
    i have extracted exfat-utils, fuse-exfat, scons.
    All these commands when given gives a reply package not found inspite that i have extracted exfat-utils, fuse-exfat, scons.

    debian:/#sudo checkinstall scons install : says checkinstall command not found….

    Please help me!! If you can please email me proper steps how to mount a ‘exfat’ drive as it is not supported in Kali Linux 1.0.

    Thank you.

    • admin

      This article is about Debian. Checkinstall is a Debian tool for creating Debian packages.

      The fact you’re getting checkinstall command not found would suggest that you have not got it installed properly.

      You’ll have to refer to the documentation for your Linux distribution to see if the package name differs.

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