Sticks and stones……….

Well I thought I’d throw up a quick post about my latest catastrophe.

I was running late for work on Wednesday and hence riding my bike with more haste and less care than I should have for an icy morning.

End result, I turn a left corner at a fair speed and go over a patch of black ice. My tires loose traction and before I have time to blink I’m smashing in to the ground hard. Very hard.

I’ve got nice scrapes and cuts all up my left side and a few cracked ribs along with a broken wrist on my right side where I reached out to stop my head smacking the tarmac. Before you ask, yes, I was wearing a helmet.

Despite whatever gripes people may have with the NHS A&E, I was in and out of the hospital along with my arm in a cast in two hours, give or take a few minuets. I don’t think that’s too bad and the staff were all incredibly polite and helpful.

I was back in work the next day but it seems people were right when they said that I’d feel worse before I feel better. Yesterday and today have been excruciating and I’ve been unable to do much but grumble and moan. Mainly the pain is from my ribs as there is almost nothing that doesn’t seem to aggravate my injury to them, especially given the fact that my only good arm is my left. This puts extra stress on the left side of the chest which I had used to test the strength of the tarmac with.

Oh well, lesson learnt I hope. Being a few minuets late for work is better than spending a few months in a cast.

This entry also hopefully serves as an excuse as to why I’ve not posted my update on Python GUI’s also. It’ll be up soon but I’ve not felt in the mood for anything productive due to the pain I’m in.